Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ready for a Move

It was very dark this morning so when I woke up it was 10:15. Rain came in mid afternoon and just got darker.

I chatted with a friend for an hour or so then started rechecking all the cabinets and overhead doors to be sure things are solid and ready for our move tomorrow morning. I rearranged only two areas and hopefully it's all done till morning when we do the rest of the stuff that needs done at the last minute. I just hope it's not pouring rain, it's suppose to be very light and scattered.

Jim should be a lot better from his cold, he seemed to sleep more last night. Our RV practice session will be around 9:30-10:00 with the park owner helping and giving some tips. Then we'll head east. I'm so excited and nervous. I have hitch itch, I'm ready to move. I think Jim is too, but hasn't mentioned it.

The rest of the afternoon I played on the computer, read blogs and watched my favorite shows. The temperatures has dropped to 40s so the heat pump ran a lot more. I dread seeing how much we'll be paying between the apartment and the RV in electric bills. At least there's only one more month for the higher bills. We'll be heading South and if all goes well it will be WARMER.

Days to leave for Texas 26
Jim's days left to work 12


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Good luck on your first real journey in your new set up! Here's to open roads and big camp sites----

Vera said...

Looking forward to your next Blog and description of your trip. Hope all goes well.