Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Facebook Games - Things in the Future

Jim was up a lot last night with his cold. He finally went in the chair to see if he could breathe better. I'm so glad we have a comfortable lounger. I'm hoping he gets better before leaving this weekend. He doesn't need the stress of learning the RV and not feeling up to par. We still have two days before we leave for a weekend shakedown.

I got up later and Dr Phil was on the channel when I turned on the TV this morning. I don't usually watch that show but the word Facebook and Farmville caught my attention so I listened to the woman he was trying to help. It seems she's given up her family totally (teenages) and anything to do with her life. She's farming continually. Her whole life is being destroyed and her daughter had written to Dr Phil to see if there was anything to be done.

Just a small recap for those that haven't been on the Facebook games. There's a farm called Farmville and also called Farmtown. You plant crops and within a certain time limit after planting the crops will die. It's addictive, I do it a lot less then I use to. It can be impulsion to plant as much as you can to get points. The other one is cafe, you cook and can't let your food rot. It's great to pass time and wonderful for those without familes to take care of, but it can take over your life. There's several games with the same addiction, but these three seem to be the latest craze.

I was watching the science channel and they were showing future things coming out with computers. They have a protype that you wear a small headband and THINK of moving objects to make them move. The surgical robots are very fascinating, there's so much more going on in the science world it's hard to keep up. I already have my eye out on the computers that will have no mouse. Just move what you want on the screen.

It was 64 degrees, sun no wind so went for a 30 minute walk. Tomorrow it's suppose to rain and friday may be scattered rain. Everything is ready in the RV except for the last minute securing.

Days left to leave for Texas 27

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Come visit us in beautiful Whistler, BC. We have spots open for the Winter Olympics!