Thursday, January 14, 2010

Extra Package by UPS

Stuff to sell and free stuff

I didn't have to get up early, so didn't at least not till 10:30. I love retirement. I was in the RV-Dreams chatroom very late but got kicked out by our connection, by the time I got back in everyone had left.

I watched some TV, read several emails, reposted the sofa and dining room set on Craigslist. I headed over to the apartment because we had a note from UPS that they had a large box and the weight was above the limit to take to the office. I guess the office gals couldn't move it so it had to be delivered and one of us had to sign it. The UPS guy had a hard time lifting it and Jim nor I had any idea what it was, so I had the UPS guy open the box. It was from Carolina Coach, our dealer, so it was quite a mystery. It was two more chairs for the dining set. We have no idea why they were sent, but they're heavy and it was interesting why we got them.

I'm sure glad I'm retired, there's a lot going on. I'm with the rest of you retirees, I don't have time to work. I worked on the apartment stuff that's still left and put them in order of what is sellable and what is to be given away. I'll make some appointments next week for people to see the items. I had a lot of response from Craigslist on the dining set and sofa. It's funny how every week you get so many responses as if it's never been posted.

I got home after dark and forgot just how bad traffic is from Raleigh to Clayton. We had dinner a little later then usual but we're in for the evening. The temperature went to 54 today, so we had the water hooked up and the furnace to heat pump. I did forget to mention last night, we changed propane tanks yesterday so we've been averaging about one tank a week. It should be a lot better for the next few weeks if the temp stays higher. Nice to wear just a long sleeve t-shirt and jacket.

Days to leave for Texas 33

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Joe and Sherri said...

When we all get to warmer climates the propane use will go down