Friday, January 15, 2010

RV Chores - Still Selling

We were both grateful for warmer weather, high 55 today. It was short sleeve time and getting out doing all the chores on the RV. It doesn't take long that's for sure. Jim dumped both tanks, setup the basement area for hopefully our first real move next weekend. We're taking a weekend trip downeast to do our shakedown.

I did some tossing out of paper stuff that I haven't had time to go through. We headed for the apartment later in the afternoon to meet with a guy that wanted out dining table. He's a realtor and wanted the table to do a setup for a showing of a home. I cleaned up the two empty rooms so all I need to do is get VETS there to pick up the little stuff. We got a card in the mail today that VETS will be in our area February 1. Now that's good timing.

We went to mom's to surprise her for an hour or so then went to eat and home. We're working on the Texas route and getting all the parks along the way. It's still ongoing because I only work on it for an hour at a time. The days are flying, that's the way it should be.

Days to leave for Texas 32

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