Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Doctor Appointments - Sofa Picked Up

I got up super early to get to Cary for a doctors appointment. I canceled the one for Monday thinking we'd still be up at the dealer. I was lucky to get in today. I wanted to have my eye checked and had a checkup on my bump on the head which actually ended up being shingles. If all goes well both are fine, but the eye I have to be careful not to bend over and put pressure on it. I've been told that several times the last few years. I was very surprised the last couple of times my blood pressure has been taken, it's WAY DOWN!!! It's been very high since 1986, today it was 127/77. I've also lost 10 pounds. I think retirement is good for my health. No more stress with the alarm going off in the mornings so I'm sleeping a lot better.

I met the lady that bought the couch at the apartment at noon and she took everything we had left. They have homes for disabled people and set them up for training instead of putting them in institutions. I feel really good that our stuff will make a lot of needy people very happy. It's a feeling of freedom. I'll do a final cleaning of the apartment in the next couple weeks, turn the keys back over to the apartment complex and we'll be on the way. For now, we still have the laundry and it's a very nice place to do it.

Jim had his doctor appointment a couple hours after mine and found out he's got a ligament in his knee that's been injured. He'll be getting a steroid shot to take the pain out of it. We're both not getting any younger. I'm glad we're going fulltime before we totally fall apart.

When Jim got home, he worked underneath the rig to tape up a hole. It was letting air up in the vents and with the temperature going to the teens this weekend we wanted to get it closed off. Now we have lots of duck tape holding up some plastic underbelly of the RV.

We're now waiting on Carriage to send the parts to our dealer. Do you see a pattern? We wait (again). I think there's something about the waiting game, and I'm starting to just take it in stride.


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Congrats on the good health news! I just told Steveio... see?? we retire and your blood pressure will down and I will lost weight... Dee said so! LOL love the duct tape job, you are true red-necks now. tee heeeee

Gypsy said...

Ah yes, the waiting game. You have to take it in stride because there isn't much else you can do about it! It all works out in the end.

Sandra said...

It's good that with all the stress you've had over the past few days that your blood pressure was down. That's great news!

It's nice that your furniture and stuff is going to a good cause.

JA-Texas said...

Things are looking up..I guess we all forgot to tell you about the Duct Tape and bottle of Gorilla Glue...sorry. They will both come in very handy along with the glass of wine for days calling for calming down.

Take care you two....