Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cleaning - Visitors - Christmas Dinner

I spent a great night in the RV-Dreams chatroom. Thanks to Deb who is on the far West coast, I stayed up till 1:30, then I remembered I had Farmtown to attend too, which took another half hour. Ok, so I'm a sucker to keep my crops alive.

I got up about 9:30. Jim had an appointment for some truck service and I cleaned the RV. It was my first real cleaning and it sure is nice. It takes no time at all and everything is now put away.

After some games on the computer we had a visitor to check out our new home on wheels. One of our friends hasn't been able to get here, so we showed her all the neat stuff. Jim wanted to show off the generator but couldn't get it going. It tried to run but wouldn't take off. The temperature is about 25 so he'll work on it tomorrow. We need to get the propane tank filled so will get that done next week before we run out totally.

We left for the apartment about 3:00 to get our laundry done. Our friends were wondering if we're full time if we take laundry to the apartment complex. We don't have a w/d in the apartment, it's in the complex. After laundry was all done we went out to dinner with our friends that has been sick and it's a Christmas celebration they do every year for us.

We got back to the RV after 8:30, so I was late getting into the chatroom.

Days left to leave for Texas 42

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Anonymous said...

Good thing you mentioned that laundry thing, 'cause I was gonna have to call you on it! OK, I'm no expert, but what do you other full-timer's think? Is is kosher to "come home" to do your laundry and still call yourself Full Time? Now I love these guys dearly and want only the best, and I know they're achin' to be on the road. But rules are rules... so what are the rules? -Gary