Wednesday, December 23, 2009

RV Visitors - Still Bringing Stuff in RV

I think we're both loving this quiet park and getting use to our surroundings, we're both sleeping very sound all night. I got up at 9:30 but it was nice just laying in bed watching TV for a bit. The bedroom is nice and warm and with the fireplace the living room it stays warm too. We're set.

I checked emails and a couple blogs then I realized Jim forgot his lunch so took that to him which is very close to where we're parked. On the way there I got a call from Molly & Bob saying they're on the way to VA and wanted to stop by to see the RV. I love it when we can meet up, they're such an inspiration to us. We met them at the RV-Dreams rally in Branson, MO in June, 2008. Thanks you two for stopping and checking out our new home. They both showed us some tips on the convection oven and a tank idea.

I went back to the apartment to load up some more of the little items, like gloves which Jim needs badly since it's so cold early mornings when he leaves. I also sold the bed to the maintenance guy of the apartment complex. He just moved and didn't have a bed yet. He thought it was a great Christmas present for him. By the time he got the bed loaded it was getting late. I went back to the RV because I knew traffic was going to be really bad, and it was. I was only home 15 minutes when Jim pulled up.

Jim is off now till Monday. He's going to work on the basement this weekend and we'll get rid of more stuff because we KNOW we're a bit over weight. We'll know for sure when we get weighed at the RV-Dreams rally in April. We both need to get rid of coats. We need a couple but not as many as we have.

What fun to setup. I have no complaints. I'll do a rundown in an upcoming blog on what we've done and learned so far.

Days left to leave for Texas 51

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dream reachers said...

Hey it looks like y'all are really getting the hang of things with the RV. I'm glad that Bob and Molly were able to stop by and see you and your trailer. They certainly are a nice couple. Isn't it nice to be able to sleep in late in the mornings. Have fun.
Merry Christmas.
God bless,
Allan and Jeanne