Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bumps, Bruises, Cuts, Scrapes

I got woke up with a car horn so instead of rolling over and going back to sleep, I decided to just get up and get the day underway. Jim was to meet me at the RV at 11:30 with coworkers and I wanted to get more loaded so I started putting everything we touch on a daily basis in boxes.

It was a bright sunny day with temps in the 40's. I was moving around so much that the low temp was quite comfortable. We're all by ourselves with no other RV around, or was until later in the day. People started pulling in about 2:00, now we have two MH's one on each side. I'll have to check to see what's going on at the fairgrounds this weekend. We're pulling out on Friday so our spot will be available.

This is looking out our back window. The protective fence keeps us fairly safe. The gates shut about 11:00pm and if we need out we have a number to call a guard.

This is view from the front of the RV.
This is Dorton arena. Several years ago they had a lot going on in the arena for Raleigh events. Now it's all at the RBC Center.
This is the view from the road. Our RV looks so lonely.

I put up all my shot glasses on top of the slide. They have velcro on them, if that's not strong enough I'll try the putty. We'll know on Friday.

I want to mention something to the new people that are getting RV's. I'm sure it's the same thing with MH. Buy a helmet when you're loading it up. I hit my head on every door and closet all day. I have several bumps on my head, slammed my fingers several times on the doors and a couple cuts where I was trying to cut the rubber matting stuff with a knife (forgot the scissors).

We are in the RV permanently. I'm fixing my first full meal instead of just warming up something. It's going to be in the 20's the rest of the week and into next week at night. I hate this cold, next year we'll hopefully be somewhere else warmer. We hope Texas will be warmer in March, but by then NC should have higher temperatures.

We're both going to get online for a Webinar tonight. It will be our first time and the topic is 5 Frutal Ways to Live in an RV. We're anxious to see what it's all about. It starts at 8:00 so will be late getting into the RV-Dreams chatroom.

Days to leave for Texas 58


Gypsy said...

I the year or so since I've been RV-ing I have hit my head so many times on the overheads I would rip them out if I could. Another thing, get one of those foam "noodles" and slit it all the way down, then cut it in several pieces for the bedroom slide. I use two on the bottom corners plus one each up the side, so that they form a 90 degree buffer. The bottom of the bedroom slide is just about where your head will hit it if you aren't extremely careful, ALL the time.

smdrm said...

Head banging in an RV? Yes, m'am!
Hank and I have hit our heads, hands, and other body parts. I even caught my finger in the bathroom door once - but then doppy genes run strong in me! I bump my head on the overhead kitchen cabinets easily, and Hank has trouble with the exterior door and slideout edge since he's so tall. But I guess it's worth it!

Since you're living in your RV now, be sure and keep an eye on the propane level since the weather has turned colder. Don't want your tootsies to get cold.

Randy and Pam Warner said...

You are right about the bumps and bruises. Same thing happens when we get things out of the basement and are under the slideouts. Ouch!

Bob and Molly said...

Dee, buy lots of you can glue those gashes closed! LOL..that's what they use at the hospital!!! Works better than stitches!!!:) We've had our share of those too!!
Stay warm and have fun!! HUGS

Joe and Sherri said...

As you get more on the road you will find getting into the chat room could become more difficult. We have good Verizon some places and bad others so it is a hit and miss all the time. Plus when you are traveling you sometimes have other things going on that keeps you from being indoors to chat. It is not like when I worked and could set there at the desk and just chat the night away..LOL