Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Back and Forth. Loading - Mom's Dealing with ANTS

I couldn't sleep most of the night worrying about mom. She has ants, a whole colony of them that's in the Closet & dresser. She's been bitten from the ones in her clothes. The exterminator came out a couple times and said it was one of the worst colonies he's seen. We're hoping after today he's taken care of the problem. I feel so bad for her.

I finally got up about 8:30 and started putting all the food in kitchen to plastic boxes. I filled the car up with several boxes and the RV basement stuff. I also read emails and then it was time to pick up mom for her eye appointment. I was with her for a couple hours which was just a couple blocks from where the RV is sitting.

The RV is all by itself, no one around at all. I'll get a picture of it tomorrow. Tonight the temperature is about 35 so I didn't put up the hose. Tomorrow I will have to with temperatures going to 20's. It was high 58 today, felt so good but dark and cloudy no sun.

We got the call we've been waiting for from the Buffaloes RV park which is just a few miles from where Jim works. We'll pull the RV there on Friday and get setup till February. I'll have to get the stuff sold in the apartment and have it cleaned, so there's still a lot to do.

We have a new countdown date: February 13 = 59 days till we leave for Texas


Joe and Sherri said...

Poor Dee and Jim...living by all those count downs can create a lot of anxiety for the two of you. When you forget what your present count down is for??? I know we were counting down for something.

K and D in an RV said...

We had an ant problem - they cannot handle 'Comet" cleanser. We put that near where they were coming in, and that stopped them.At one point, I had a little run of Comet all around the entry ways and outside walls - no ants.

heyduke50 said...

Dee - taking a sick day day today and finally read thru your blog... congrats on finally getting there... my day too will come.