Saturday, November 21, 2009

WINE - Mom's Night Out

Jim trying to figure out which one to get. Tables for socializing.

I stayed up till 2am chatting. You learn so much from people on the road. It's so interesting to see where people go this time of year. It gets dark early, so people are coming into the chatroom a lot sooner then in the summer.

We didn't do much all day except go to the Chatham Wineries. It's a small mom and pop type place with just a few employees. They get their grapes from Yadkin county then make it in a small place among a lot of businesses in Cary, NC. We tried about six or seven wines and bought only one named blueberry. Jim likes wine dry and I like the sweet so we compromised. We went through the tour of how they make it and how they set it up to get ready to sell.

We came home and I chatted with a couple people, played games and then picked up mom for dinner. She loves Golden Corral so we take her out as much as we can.

The rest of the evening was watching the Nationwide Race that we put on TiVo and settled in for the rest of the night.

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Anonymous said...

Tumbleweed, Just started monitoring your blog site and see that you are not too far from launching on full-timing. I am just beginning to plan for full-timing through selling off stuff and house for a Dec 2011 adventure. Will monitor your transition in the upcoming weeks to learn what I can.. Lucky in Aberdeen, NC..