Sunday, November 29, 2009

Picking our First RV Parking Area

We had a wonderful breakfast from leftover Thanksgiving dinner.

Get a small jar of chedder cheese whiz
1/2 stick butter and melt together, stir well
Add small can of crab meat, stir well
Spread on split English muffins and broil till melted and a bit brown.
At the dinner it was cut in two. For breakfast I added a fried egg.
Talk about something good. You can make them for the RV park potlucks too. Makes a wonderful snack.

Later in the afternoon we went to the state fairgrounds to pick out a site for the RV when we bring it from the dealers. There's 30 amp, water and electric in several of the areas. We'll probably be there 5 days or so. Depends on when the RV gets to the dealer, still no word. I didn't expect to hear from the dealer before Thanksgiving, but since it's done it should arrive sometime this week.

It was a nice warm sunny day, we wish it would stay this way. This week will be busy with appointments and getting little things done. The excitement is building.

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Gypsy said...

I get along just fine with 30 amps, but there are certain appliances I can't run at the same time. While the coffee is brewing I can't use the electric heater (but it's ok after the brewing cycle and is on warm); I can use anything but the lights when I use the hair dryer! I don't use a lot of appliances so it normally doesn't affect me. Be sure to find out where the electric breakers are! When I looked for mine everyone told me, even the factory when I called, that it should be right inside the door. After a lot of searching I found a panel below the fridge!

Also, if you have a spare, be sure to find out how to get it down. I still can't find anything to tell me how to get mine. Everything will be a learning experience, so make it as fun as you can.