Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday Shopping - Border Question

Still really dreary out today, but no rain and temperatures were around 55. Another day of nothing to do at work, but the time has gone fast the last couple days. I did get a call from our youngest son on the way to work. That was so neat. He's excited about us going in the RV and hoping we can meet up with them when they go on vacations, like Florida and wants to spend some time with us. It will be so fun being with the kids and the grandkids more then a day. Whereever we go they can meet up with us. He loves traveling too, gets it legally from mom.

I picked up mom and her friend to take them shopping. I forgot all about Thanksgiving and all the people that would be out todaygetting the food shopping. It was interesting but we did well in getting in and out. We also went to Fresh market to pick up some extra goodies. I'm so glad I don't cook the big meals, it's not something I can do well. I did Thanksgiving meal for a lot of people one year, it turned out decent, but it's way too much work. Thumbs up to those that like the kitchen.

When I got home I saw another statement on facebook that's been happening a lot this year. The RV'ers, snowbirds, can't get into the USA without a lot of hassle or not allowed at all. They have their homes with them, they don't have residence as a home in Canada and seems because of that they're not allowed in the US. Now, I don't know the reasons, I don't understand what's going on. There sure seems to be a lot of foreigners here from all countries and they aren't here for good reasons, yet they won't let the people with an RV go to a southern location in the US. I'd like to know more about why. I'm wondering if they'll be allowed back in Canada in the spring.

Days of work 6. It's so close, then I'll be taking a lot of action for the next step going full time in a 5th wheel.


Sandra said...

Dee, they can't keep Canadian citizens out of Canada. They might search their RV but they will be allowed in.

sue and doug said...

Don't know why it would be such hassle..as a canadian you are allowed 180 days in the usa in a year..but if you dont have a permanent residence maybe they are worried you may never go back..lost in the beautiful usa never to be seen in Canada again??..they want their tax dollars you know!!

Allan and Jeanne said...

The law changed this summerwhen we were in Canada visiting. New Homeland Security laws require everyone to have a passport to cross border into another country. This includes people from USA, Canada, and Mexico. You may use the cheaper Passport card in these 3 countries if you travel by road. You need a passport book if you fly. Not popular,but the law.