Saturday, October 3, 2009

Waiting for the U2 Concert Tonight

I stayed up till about 2:30am with the RV-Dreams chatters last night. I have a couple months and I can do that every night without worrying about an alarm clock the next day.

I didn't do anything all day but read blogs and emails. I tried to take out a lot of the clothes in the closet, but didn't get to far. I'll clean out the rest when we move to the RV. I just wasn't in the mood today. I went through some bead pattern books and put them in a box to take to the library. I'm working little by little to get things down to nothing.

At 5:00 we left for the U2 concert. It's taken four days to put up the stage. It's at the NC State University stadium and it's almost to little to put up the stage. The news said two less feet and it wouldn't fit. I'll tell you more tomorrow. I can't wait.
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