Thursday, October 1, 2009

It Seems Really Final

I'm starting to "FEEL" it. I'm getting the jitters. This is for real, it's happening. We're GOING FULL TIME! yikes!

At work it was quiet, but Mrs boss said I need to continue the reports. I realized that 2010 I won't be there, so I had to take my name off anything to do with the new year. That seems so final. I thought the new person would do all the changes, but since they're not replacing me, I need to do it. I've never done this before, it's so final.

We have our generator ordered, the disc brakes will be put on at MorRyde before coming to our dealer. Jim will be shopping for the BBQ grill. I'm going to get the plastic gloves and little items. We're getting financials in line, that's including closing banking accounts. We're figuring out what date we'll tell the apartment complex that we'll be leaving, they need 30 days. We need to tell DMV what our address will be so I think we'll be using Jim's mom. We still have that to figure out. Jim is still working on the insurance and getting prices. It's coming together. In the chatroom the discussion is to sell my car, that's still up in the air, probably won't even think about it till we pull out. If you see me driving it to Texas, that means we'll be keeping it. There's reasons to keep it and reasons not to, so that's not a final decision yet.

Now we wait, again. We should have it at least by November 10, if the disc brakes takes a day or two.

I had another chiropractor appointment today. I still have four more to go, it's been so long since I've gone, it's hard getting me back in shape. I need to get over to the gym and work out. One of these days I'll make it.

Working days to quit work 45
This countdown is only for WORKING days.

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