Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting Mom Some Help

Nothing new at work. Both bosses were quite busy and Mrs boss was gone most of the morning. I found a couple more wonderful blogs of people looking to go full time which brings to mind how far we've come. I did get a chance to talk to Mrs boss a bit about me leaving a week earlier then December 4, but we'll see how things go after we get the RV. We still have at least three weeks before we'll get it, but if it's delayed it will tell what date I'll actually quit, either earlier or later.

Mom had called a caregiver place that has just started up in our area and the appointment was at 2:00. I walked down to mom's to meet up with the lady that started the company. My biggest concern of going on the road is leaving mom alone. She wants us to go on the road, but doesn't want to be left alone. We had a very long discussion with the lady and I'm all for it. The cost is a bit high, but not prohibitive. We need to get all the paperwork done for health care in case hospital care is needed. I was going to get someone from Craigslist, but mom was against that for many reasons. After talking to the lady, that's probably not the way to go. We'll go through all the paperwork and have our final decision by next month.

I came home and watched a really neat show on "ARDI", the finding of human bones from millions of years ago. What a great finding.

Working days to quit work 32
This countdown is only for WORKING days.

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Vera said...

This must be a hard time for you. You want to go RVing, yet you are thinking of your mother. I feel for you and wish all of you well.