Saturday, October 24, 2009

Birthday Party Last Night - Planning in Jello

Happy Birthday Gary! We went to abirthday get together for Gary last night at age 60 he thinks he's an old geezer, not yet Gary, maybe in a couple more years. Bobbie is sitting beside him hoping not to use the fire extinguisher. We had a good time, thanks.

I stayed in RV-Dreams chatroom last night till about 2:00am. I also caught up on a lot of shows that we had on TiVo. I got up about 9am and started getting stuff into plastic boxes to make the move smoother to the RV when we get it. We'll hear from the dealer some time next week if they can get hold of the factory to see what the schedule is to get the 5er here. Our next project is to plan what we'll do when we get it here. Everything is in jello, but we have to figure out where we'll be staying because two out of the three places require reservations.

Here's our thoughts:

We can stay at the fairgrounds for two weeks then we have to move. They require at least 48 hours reservations more if possible. Seems they don't have a lot of places anymore to park and they need to know ahead of time. It's very busy around the fairgrounds because of hockey and all the NC State events, along with rodeos, concerts, football etc. People stay in RV's around the fairgrounds since it's near the NC State University.

The only other park that's about 15 miles east is full most of the time. Why? I have no idea but if they don't have room we'll go 25 miles to the south but that's a little far to work for Jim. The park east of us is $400 month the one south is $300 month, both with full hookups.

We do want to go to Morehead if we can find a park for Thanksgiving and Wilmington for Christmas, mainly to get use to the parking and pulling it. The rest isn't certain, we're just throwing out ideas to each other.

Today, we sorted a few things out that we'll need immediately for the time we'll be at the dealers for PDI (pre-delivery inspection) and learning what the dials and are for and how to use the heater, dumps etc. We don't have a lot to split up to live in both places but we can do it for a couple weeks while at the fairgrounds. I want the RV close by to load up and get use to living in it while we have the apartment. We also need the apartment to sell the rest of our stuff. We're also having a "show off time" while close. The fairgrounds are only 9 miles from the apartment.

Once we know a date of arrival we'll start calling and see who has room. Then we'll give our notice for the apartment to move out. We already have a set date of February 22 for move out date, but it may be earlier if we can do it. If the temps get too cold, we'll have to be in the RV to keep it from freezing up. There's so much to consider in the winter months. I just hope it stays mild here, but there's times it goes way below zero and we have had lots of snow in the past. We'll just see what happens. Right now, we're still sorting.

We went to a movie "COUPLES RETREAT" since it was rainy and nasty. It's still in the high 60's which is really nice temp. We watched Nationwide Race late evening and I caught up on the blogs.

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Ron said...

Great to see another tarheel on a blog. We have just started our journey to go fulltime (59 months to go) lol. We moved from Kitty Hawk 2 years ago to Las Vegas.

I plan to follow your blog to see how your transition goes. Please give specifics when you are willing. Your ideas could save others a few headaches.

With Envy, Ron