Saturday, June 28, 2008

OUR Time Frame

I had to get up early for my defense class today. It was a good one, but it's been 2 months and I lost everything I learned. It was a great time with 9 gals this time. We found out because of some political stuff going on (through the county) we may have to stop our get togethers. I HATE politics. Why stop a great thing because someone thinks they're in charge. We'll have to see what happens, but I'll be contacting the county commissioner along with the other eight gals.

The rest of the day was getting a time frame of getting the RV/Truck and on our way. There's been some questions on the RV-Dreams forum about time frames. Here's what we came up with:

Feb 2009, put the condo up for sale
Everything else will depend on the sale date. If it sells quickly, we'll move into an apartment.

May 2009 Escapade bootcamp. This is through Escapees. It should be in May, and in Salene, MO, but that may change.

Sept 2009 LOW, this is Life On Wheels, This may change too, but most years the one in PA is in Sept, if we decide on Ky then it will in May also, which will be a conflict to get 2 weeks off in one month from work.

July or August we'd like to visit the kids and see the factories of our favorite RV. At the moment it could be
Carriage, Millersburg, Ind
Newmar, Nappanee, Ind,
NuWa, Chanute, KS,
Peterson, (Excel) Smith Center, KS

If we can narrow it down, we'll go to ONE factory or maybe two. We're still not sure of used or new. We both really like the Max1 by Carriage. By the time we get serious, it may be something else that comes along.

By June 2009 we're hoping to have our rig picked out. The condo sold and into an apartment, if not we'll wait. It will be a year from then that we'll be on the road. Jim will be 59 1/2 in March 2010, so June would be realistic to have everything in place. We could leave at that time, but may or may not wait till June 2010 when I'm 62 and get the SS as income. IF we sell the condo for a good price that may not be needed. It's all in what takes place in selling the condo.


Sell, sell, sell. We're thinking of getting all our stuff together by November and going to the fairgrounds for the flea market. We have to pay to setup a table, but that would be ok if we can sell all the little stuff. Books would probably sell there, at least a few of them, maybe the bookshelves etc. We have the truck to take things over, just have to be sure we don't have rain for that weekend. We'll also have the kids come and pick up their furniture when we have the condo sold.

As our son says, "it's all in the timing". But realistically, we could be out and seeing the world before another 2 winters. We have to work and live so we'll see how it goes with keeping the clothes we need and things we need for working. In the meantime, I'm putting my birdhouses on craigslist in the morning. I'm so glad we took the treadmill this month to our son. I have a whole bedroom to fill up with the stuff we want to sell.

Days left to buy the RV/Truck 1 yr 8 mths 23 days

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Donna McNicol said...

Two more points....

1) Everything you want to buy, think about how it will work in the RV and in the lifestyle. Will make a difference (this even applies to clothes).

2) Everything you currently own as well as anything you buy, think how it might be used for more than one purpose. Finding other uses for things is fun and VERY helpful when space & weight is at a premium.