Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Down to the Wire

It was HOT, and humid, but it's summer so unless something is out of the ordinary, like cold and rainy, I probably won't say anything more about the weather. It's suppose to be 100 -102 this week and that's ok. We had a great warm winter so I guess nothing is going to change. Just hope we get rain once in awhile so trees and grass doesn't dry up.

I read a few blogs, the journals and did some paperwork for the trip. I still needed to get a few things done to take to the kids so got that all lined up. I'm hoping to pack tomorrow afternoon so we don't have so much to do when Jim gets home from work. We'll still have to do the treadmill but we'll get help with that later when it's cooler.

Work was getting things all done, put away plans and files and up date the timesheets with all the project numbers that we just received. All is in order, still ONE more day to work but only four hours.

I thought I'd give you a sample of what we'll see this next week. Our younger son won't be able to join us but he sent a picture of our grandson to make up for it.
We'll see him in August, isn't he cute? He'll be 3 and he can talk to us on the phone now. We see him once a year so it's quite a change each time we see him.

Tonight in RV-Dreams we're having a pre-rally party with a potluck. It will be for those that would like to go and bring something, so the topic will be food. May be a good place to get some ideas for your next meal.

I did a bit of searching for what county the Rally is in and found it's Taney on the Arkansas Border. Now if we have storms we can track them on the map I printed out. There's been so many tornadoes this year, it's like being in boys scouts "be prepared".

Another thing we've done is start a photo section on the internet. Still need to get some details on how EVERYONE can get to it, but it's photobucket and we'll be sure everyone that's interested in pictures from my family, and those for the RV-Dreams rally will be able to see all the weeks festivities. It should be a very interesting week ahead.

Time to get rolling, but still need:

2 yrs 11 mths 10 days days to buy the Truck/RV


A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

What a cutie your grandson is, Dee!

Sounds like you're almost ready to get on the road on Friday! Don't forget a housecoat or something to wear to hike to the bathroom!

See you in chat tonight!

Speedy said...

You have a hansome young man there... I know that you are excited about getting to see him. We have one in Kansas that we get to see once a year...its hard but we have to live with it.

Joe and Sherri

Mark and Dortha said...

Dee, I know you are sooo excited. That is a cute young man you call grandson. We are looking foward to a fun time in Branson. Now I am getting all excited. Safe travels.