Friday, May 2, 2008

Wild Friday

Nice weather today, warm 81, perfect. Today was hours of 10-5 for work. First thing was to meet the new guy. He's in his late 20's early 30's and very nice. He seems knowledgeable for the CAD work. He's not married and has no girlfriend. Just that in itself means no phone calls all day long. I did the payroll and got the new guy added which is an extra hour to do. It was a fun day, everyone cutting up and still working. We had a catered in lunch which we do for all new people, or when someone is leaving, which we'll do again next week when our guy leaves. The lady that was going to quit gave up the job because she felt so bad that both of CAD operators would be gone. I wouldn't have done that, but that's loyalty which now days is scarce. It was a great day for all of us.

I got home just in time to go to dinner. Than back home to write the blog, so I'm a little later than usual tonight, that will happen from time to time.

This is going be the start of a very packed weekend. I'm getting together ALL the stuff for the trip in June. I have LISTS to separate and pictures to download for the blog, so see you back tomorrow.

Days left to buy the RV/Truck 3yrs 12 days

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Anonymous said...

I'm still working on the route we will take....I am so NOT ready. Oh well might be more fun that way. Still can't chat tonight have a customer here looking at a dental book we are printing.