Saturday, May 3, 2008

I LOVE Weekends!

What a gorgeous day! We slept till 9 then my phone woke me up. We have a friend that travels and his wife got sick and asked us to pick him up at the airport so we had to get up and get ready for his arrival (he called from the state he was in). He called back a few minutes later saying the storms held up his flight so we had a few hours. It was so nice and warm 82, that we went to the fairgrounds to an event which was always fun just to pass time. I was called sir more then once, that's so funny to me. My hair is so short and with the way I was dressed, I guess I look more male.

We stayed busy all afternoon with visiting once we picked up our friend and then I went walking around the lake. Here's a few pictures for those in the chat room that has been asking about the layout of the condo.

Side view going down the sidewalk, we're on ground floor.

Go down the steps on the sidewalk now we're on the second floor with the deck

These are more pictures of the lake area. It was so nice today.

Full view looking from our condo

our condo in middle, second floor

Full view of lake

Path on other side of lake

Days left to buy the RV/Truck 3 yrs 11 days

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Speedy said...

You have a great place there! Love the lake and the path around it looks inviting to walk. I bet you long for the spring and fall there. I will have to put some pictures of the river and the lake at our house. Now that it is getting nice we can walk more.