Friday, May 16, 2008

Sad News at Work

Cloudy but got to 82 degrees. Late afternoon rains. Just heard on the ham radio that storms here in NC haven't been this bad since 1998. Record tornadoes for this state. June should calm down, then the hurricanes will start up.

We had a guy from Provo, UT that was interviewing for one of the Engineer jobs in today. He will really fit in to our group. I hope he likes it here. Our boss took him around the area and gave him lots of rental and buying books for nearby housing. We'll see how that works out.

Our other employee, the one that skips work a lot called that his sister died. He was out most of last week when she was in a car wreck. He came back here because she was still in a coma and was told she'd make it. While I was out yesterday, he got the call to come home, which is Alabama. He's out till Monday. It's so sad. She was 20 years old and flipped the car on a huge embankment. I didn't get details yet. It was a somber day today at work.

We stayed in and did our normal routine for the evening. Strong/severe storms on the way, should have a great weekend once they move through.

Days to buy the RV/Truck 2 yrs 11 mths 29 days.
14 more working days till the RALLY and Kids

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Speedy said...

Say prayers for us we have some folks looking at the house this weekend. Two different couples so maybe with the prayers we can sale the house OH PLEASE.

Joe and Sherri