Monday, April 7, 2008

Talk About Amazing

I got up before the sun, but was awake half hour before the alarm, so that helped in actually getting out of bed. It never got above 55 and still cloudy. Someday we'll see the sun again, but at least we're out of the drought.

The bosses and I couldn't believe it today. Monday is always our meeting day and everyone is SUPPOSE to be there at 8:00. In the year and half that I've been there not ALL the employees are there at 8:00. Last week our boss laid down some rules, if you're not there at 8:00 on a Monday morning you can go home without pay. I'm also working on sending a job posting to all the colleges and they all know that, we really don't need someone, but the boss is so aggravated that not ALL the employees are there that he wants someone that will be and to take up the slack. WOW, everyone showed up this morning and was there before 8:00am. That was really and truly amazing.

The five hours went fast. It's mom's day, so picked her up and went to Girlfriends Kitchen where we made 10 meals for the rest of the month. I sure will miss this part when we're on the road. It's too costly to do what they do, and too time consuming. I'll have to find one of those places every time I need them, except I can't get 10 bags of meals in the freezer of an RV. oh well, life goes on.

I still wanted to get my hair cut but the gal wasn't there again today. I'll try again tomorrow. When I got home I had some funny emails from our son and then read the blogs and a couple forums. Looks like people are ready to hit the road and it's fun to see who's going where. In the winter people are all down south tightly packed in a warm campground. Now, they have the whole US to travel and it's neat to see what directions people take.

The evening was set for TV, blogs, puzzles and chat room. In a few weeks I'll be thinking what to pack to take to the kids and the RV-Dreams rally. I'm having trouble staying cool and collected, I want to get going.

Days left to buy the RV/truck 3 yrs 1 mth 7 days

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Anonymous said...

You know I have to do that to my folks everyonce in a while. I will be glad when I do not have people I am responsible for. Just me and the DW. Oh wont it be sweet.

Talk to you tonight