Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cleaning-Airline Tickets

Very nice day, partly sunny, high 80. Storms never came in last night and no rain today like was predicted.

I got up at a half decent hour, 8:30am. I had a lot to do which helps a lot in getting up in the mornings. After breakfast our youngest son called and wanted us online with our grandson with the webcam. Our wifi is flaky but we got it going and we got to see each other. He's growing up so fast and starting to talk really well. He's 2 in August.

After our chat, I took the bedroom closet apart to switch winter to summer clothes. I thought I'd throw out quite a few clothes but didn't. I'm still working and don't want to spend any money on clothes for only a short time of working. After I got all that done I decided to get some blogs read, checked out the sites for the rally and find the campground through google earth on how its was laid out. Then decided to get our tickets before airline prices went up to Chicago in August. We're planning on going to the birthday party for our grandson (the one we talked to this morning).

It actually came out better to fly then to drive up to Chicago at $4.00 a gallon gas. I keep thinking it's 3 more years that we'll be traveling by car or plane for a fast weekend trip to see the grandkids and kids. I can't wait to stay for a month or more.

It was a productive day and very enjoyable.

Days left to buy the RV/Truck 3 yrs 17 days

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Anonymous said...

Jack will be 3 in August, not 2. :)