Thursday, March 6, 2008


It was really hard to get up this morning. It was 34 degrees and we were both tired. I have a feeling Jim is waiting for the day that neither of us have to do early morning get up. I know I am, but I'm not a morning person. Work was a normal four hour day. I came home got something to eat and got my massage. It's been awhile and I needed it. There's a place that tightens up in the shoulder blade that makes my chest hurt. The massage always releases that. I hope that doesn't happen once on the road, but I have to find out what causes it. Otherwise, I'll be searching for massage person as we travel.

The RV-dream chat room wants to know more about the GPS unit I got.

It tells it all. I didn't take a picture, the website has one. I sure like it. I get lost just going in and out of the mall, so being so little I may start carrying it with me. It will be fun for the trip next week to GA.

It's now 66 deg and really nice out. I took a short walk around our lake, then came to start supper. I have to pick up some friends at the airport tonight which will be around 8:00, the flight is delayed from Chicago, but that's not news. Tomorrow is Friday, payroll day and a very long seven hours.

Note: I put the older GPS on Craigslist and sold it in 5 min. It's even been picked up. Talk about fast. I had 2 people want it.

Days left to buy the RV/truck 3 yrs 2mths 8 days

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