Monday, March 3, 2008

Ho Hum Day

Wonderful day, breezy 70 degrees and sunny. Work was usual, all I'm doing is organizing paperwork. Boring, but only for 5 hrs.

When I got home I had some geocache stuff to deliver to someone, so got out the new GPS put in the address and took off, picking mom up on the way. The GPS took me right to the place, and it's wonderful! It tells me what the distance is to turn and when I get to the place to turn it tells me again. It's very easy to load the information. Someone knew how to get that setup for a user. We're going to have a good time going to Perry, GA in a few days.

I came home and just read blogs and watched TV. My toe is killing me, so I checked into the weather, sure enough it's going to be possibility of severe weather tomorrow, my toe is never wrong. I had surgery on it about 3 yrs ago and it has a pin in it. I can always tell 24 hrs in advance when we're going to get bad weather.

I forgot to mention something yesterday. Our youngest son has a grandson age 2 1/2 and we get together on a cam once in awhile. We play peek a boo with him. We're in the camera then go to the side to "be gone" he loves it. When our son asked him last night about grandma and grandpa, he answers, peek a boo. He laughs so hard at us. At least we stay in touch. We get to see him once a year, so the cam is great for all of us.

Days left to buy the RV/truck 3 yrs 2 mths 11 days

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