Saturday, February 16, 2008

Two new 5er possibilities

We received the March 2008 Trailer Life and RVXtreme magazines in the mail and what a surprise!! Another couple possibilities to look into. First the Trailer Life magazine has a report on the Mobile Suites 36 ft. Designed for full-timers or long-term rvers. It does have its drawbacks, one is not getting into the bedroom and bathroom with the slides in, but seems to be more geared for long term stays in a park. The layout is what we're looking for but if we do frequent stops it may not work. But we have to check it out. The cargo carrying capacity is 2300lbs and weight is 15,200lb. We won't be able to carry much. We notice the TV's are getting larger and easier to see in any direction. Jim loves that aspect of the newer fifth wheels.

In the RVXtreme magazine Crossroads has a new Seville VF35CK. It shows one layout with the entertainment center along the back wall. Nice, but I'd like to see out a full window rather then the two on each side of the TV. The galley is awesome in this fiver. I don't like the island in the middle, but other plans delete it. I like the enclosed bathroom with everything together instead separate. The bedroom has shelves on both sides of the bed, another plus.

By the time we're ready to buy there may be a lot more changes. It's fun to see new units and the changes.

I still can't shake this cold. I'm no better now then on Tuesday when I started it. I'm coughing a lot and overall blah. Guess I have what everyone else is getting. I've been in bed all day, sure glad I don't have to work for a couple days.

Days left to buy the RV/truck 3yrs 2mos 27 days

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