Friday, February 29, 2008

News, News and more News

I always wonder what to put into this blog. Friends, family and my RV-chatters read it and I keep feeling there's just nothing in my life worth writing. Well, today that changes, at least for this one blog.

Jim left early this morning to go to Morehead City, to his mom's & family, which is about 3 1/2 hrs from Raleigh. He was going against traffic so I knew he'd do ok time wise. He called when he got to his mom's. His whole family was waiting for him. So, for the next 24 hours I'm having some alone time. I hear when you're in an RV, you need that time alone. I worked as usual, had a great day of getting all the payroll done in record time. We have a courier come in once in awhile to bring or pick up stuff for us. He's a really friendly older guy and we got to talking about retirement. He's been retired for several years and was in an RV fulltime. Well, you know that got me all excited so asked him why he gave it up. He didn't, he's working to support the fun and going back when he gets enough to buy a new MH. They traveled all the time and spent all they had saved up and couldn't make it on the road for workcamping, so got this job as courier and will pay cash for the MH and get back on the road only THIS time they'll stay in parks for longer and not do extra stuff like tourist traps. I thought that was very interesting. He told me to be sure to take our time, see what you want but stay in parks longer to get the good rates.

After work I went out with the "Friday gang" as normal. While at dinner I get a call from our older son. He had a new job, but I really didn't want to talkwhile eating, so called him back when dinner was over. He got a job at Channel 4 TV station in St. Louis. He's a news producer for an independent station now and this opening came up on Wed and he was hired today. He gets quite a bit more money but the downside is working nights. I told him I worked nights for several yrs and once you're use to it, it's fabulous! The kids will be in school and when it's nice out they'll be outside a lot this summer. The upside, he's working noon to midnight now and misses all the activities of his boys in soccer, basketball and anything at school that comes up. He'll be better off working mids and being with the kids. He also works weekends but with the new job, he'll have weekends off. What a deal we're so happy for him.

I'm on cloud nine tonight. Now it's time to get on rv-dreams chat and I'll probably not go to bed till at least 2am. I love nights. My internal clock is happy going to bed in the wee hours of morning then sleeping till noon the next day. Oh happy me!

Days left to buy the RV/truck 3 yrs 2 mths 14 days

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