Sunday, November 6, 2005

What Now?

Where do we start? Websites and local bookstores. We started gathering a lot of information and books on what kind of rig we’d like to travel in. There’s a lot of info on the forums and books written by those on the road.

First: What is our lifestyle now and how would we do the same in an R
Second: What can we do now to prepare?

We gathered more info, every waking moment if not at work, we have our computers on forums or blogs or reading a book. The first book we read was Movn’ On by Ron & Barb Hofmeister. Several up front question were answered, like how to get rid of your stuff. I found myself going around our 1400 sq ft condo thinking what can I get rid of without a lot of money lost. I started cleaning out drawers and taking items that was never opened to the senior citizens building where my mom lives. Every thing I touch I ask the question will we need it on the road?

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