Saturday, November 5, 2005

You're WHAT?

Ok, WHY are we interested in RV’ing? Well, why not? We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. When Jim retires, we’ll have no jobs, I’m sure I’ll quit working long before he quits. We have no family real close, even though Jim’s family is in Morehead City, NC. We have so many places we want to visit and no time not enough funds to see everything. The condo is getting too expensive and the upkeep is going to get more expensive as we get older. We both feel a little tied down, or restless, itchy feet to move, but it’s a real pain to move. We were formally in the AF and it was fun after a couple years to wait and see where we’d be moving next. I miss that chance to see the US with all the moves. With an RV we have everything already packed and ready to go at any time. Let’s go, I’m ready!!!

We thought of traveling with a small class C- RV after retiring from the Air Force. We both wanted to work a few more years and after moving from St. Louis, MO to Raleigh, NC with the last 2 years of the military, we decided to stay in Raleigh and get jobs. Jim got a great job with the utility company and life went on. Then the idea of fulltime began with a ham radio couple in a 5th wheel setup on November 5. It was that same afternoon that we decided to check into how to start life on the road. The following is a blog of what steps we did for starting our life on the road. We have till 2012 before actually selling everything and leaving the area. Jim will be retired from his job and I’ll be over 62.

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