Friday, August 31, 2007

Meeting up with Couple that started the idea

We met up with the ham radio couple at the fairgrounds that helped us make a decision of going fulltime. We’ve learned so much and even more excited about getting on the road. They now have a little Prowler that’s barely enough room to fit one person but they’re both happy with it and travel 4 months during the summer then go to the bigger RV during the winter down in AZ.

We’re looking forward to the RV show in 2 weeks, not sure what we’ll see but we’re going to Greensboro to check it out. I’m ready to see what the 2008 will look like. We just got back from seeing both sons and they’re still kidding with us about selling everything. It shouldn’t be a problem, they’re getting a bunch from us, so I think they’re just waiting for the goods.

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Karon said...

Great blog. I want to read more. Keep it coming!!

Hugs, Karon