Friday, January 25, 2008

Calls from friends

The older you get the more you're friends mean to you. I had two great calls last night. The first one was from a friend that I helped teach to drive when we were in the military in Florida. She was our next door neighbor and babysitter. She's 10 years younger and more like a sister then a friend. She now lives in northern Indiana and travels from Chicago area to her home about once a week so she calls when she's on the long trip. It was great catching up and learning what's going on in her life. At the moment she has a German exchange student that is staying with her. What a great gal.

The other call was from Illinois. She's had trouble with her computer so we haven't been able to chat or communicate, which is usually daily. When she called I helped her get the messenger going again and now we can chat again. I got info from her and what's happening in her life. I felt a warm glow going to bed just hearing from two special, dear people.

On Friday nights we have friends we have dinner with every week. They've become very close and it's good to be with them. They will be hard to leave when the time comes, but we've made a deal they will come see us and we'll be coming back to the area as we travel.

I hear from others that's the way it will be with RV'ers. You have so much in common, and you get very close to a lot of people. I'm looking forward to meeting people on the road.

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