Saturday, March 11, 2023

Morning Quietness - Learning my Way Around - One WEEK

 Shalimar, FL  (Hi 70   Lo 53)

Monday: My first morning alone was impressive. I woke up earlier then normal because the WIFI guy was to be here and someone said it would be around 8, it didn't happen. I sat on the patio with coffee and heard tons of birds with different songs. I have no idea what they are and so far haven't seen any. I'm up against the woods so they're hard to see. I tried finding an APP that might help with sounds but didn't see anything, any reader that knows an app that will tell me "sounds" of birds please put in comment. I sat outside in t-shirt and shorts, not two layers of clothes. I happened to catch a bird, I think it's a Carolina Wren. 

I spent the day unpacking boxes. I hate clutter and walking around something that is in my way. Now I have room to "dance the happy dance". I'm taking my time to get pictures up on the wall, still some tweaking to do, but I have plenty of time. 

Tuesday: I worked three hours getting all the accounts updated with new address. I then went to "balance class". I saw that on the list of activities a long time ago and wanted to go, so it's weekly activity and that's on my calendar. I didn't do really well,  You hold the back of a chair and do all kinds of leg work including standing on one leg for balance. 

It's going to take some time as expected. I finally took time to watch some TV shows that's been recorded for awhile. 

Wednesday: I had to get groceries and along with that I needed a shower rod and a dehumidifier so I chose Walmart. I got the GPS setup and headed out about 9:30. I got there fine and even got home without turning around more than once. I went to an activity to make Easter baskets today for Crises for kids organization with several gals.

We were putting in Hershey kisses in the plastic eggs. Then other candies in baskets. 

That's one way of meeting people. Almost everyone I meet has been a full time RV'ers. It's so much fun talking about days on the road. I also met a couple next door which were also full timers. That's amazing. 

Thursday: It was gloomy and rainy day, but till in 70's. I wanted to get to the bank to start a new account so it's easier to get cash without all the fees. It used to be free to do banking from credit union, but no more, now both banks charge the one your getting money from and the money taken out from the second bank. I then went to the post office which was really close to the bank.

After I had some lunch, I had a meeting with the Administrator to sign a bunch of papers and learn more about the place. I had questions about hurricanes, but he said that's never been a problem. We're 30 feet above sea level and so far nothing has come up that far. I learned a lot about the area including the black bears which means you can't have any bird feeders so there goes my hummingbird feeder idea. It's going to be so fun here. 

Right after the meeting I went to the activities meeting. They discuss monthly what people would like to do and where to eat. Events like the hockey games and different outside organizations. I have more on the calendar now. 

My neighbor showed me a quiet little area by the "bay" just east of the apartment. It's so cool, one of the fingers off the gulf come in the area. nice place to sit and visit by water. I forgot to take pictures of the pavilions. 

When I left there I met up with a gal that's friends with another RV'er in Texas, (Small world) and she's been on the council and gave me some tips on the political side of the community. I couldn't stay real long because I had been invited for dinner with John and Carol Herr which are RV'ers and we've met a couple times while on the road. They took a tour of the village and put a deposit to hold a place. Now they'll sell their home and I'll see them when there's an opening. 

We had a great dinner and did a lot of visiting. They are in another building in guest quarters and will be here another night.  

Friday: I got up a little later, finally getting six hours of sleep per night. I feel so much better and not as run down also relaxing more. I was going to go to the "coffee"  activity which is new I hear, but I also wanted to order my own WIFI setup. I'm not getting good stable WIFI in the community. I'll be working with that when it gets here next week.  I was looking forward to going to Hand Bells concert, but missed the time. It's once a month and at various places in the village. I'm hoping they have an opening so I can do that again. I played briefly in Avon Park for a winter. I'm hoping to do it again.  I did go next door and meet up with more Rv'ers, Jerry and Mary Gunther. I thought I had met them in Mayport but we didn't. We had a great time visiting and talked about the campgrounds we've stayed. I forgot to take a picture. 

Saturday: I took the car to a fund raiser for the village just across the street from me this morning. I was glad to get it washed. They had three stations, soap it down, power spray, then dry. I thought it would take awhile but it didn't and I was back at the apartment in no time. I sat outside listening to the birds and watching cars getting washed. 

With the salt air, I'm going to have to wash a lot more often. 

At 2:00 I heard there was a happy hour in our village lounge so I went over and they were doing a birthday party for a little dog, gifts and treats (for dog) and little snacks for the gals. The gals came and went till it got too cool to sit outside. We carried on  with over 25 of us inside lounge area.  What a great time laughing and talking about everything. Names and finding things will take awhile to learn. 

This is my tiny area for whatever I want to do with it outside the patio. I'm going to have the "honey-dos" work on getting the weeds out and clean it up a bit on the 17th. Honeydo's are the men in the village that volunteer to help us ladies do things. I have asked for Jim's shadow box to be put up on the wall and the little patio done. 

EXTRA:  I don't have to do anything RIGHT NOW. I have time, I keep thinking this is a vacation and I need to do all the activities in one week. The ladies are amazing, so funny and so much fun. We all have so much in common. 

The WIFI that isn't strong enough to go to the living room thru the brick walls. It's located out my front door about a foot away. 

                                            My door plaque. I now have my name tag. 
In the commons area where all the activities are located is a whole wall dedicated to Bob Hope and his accomplishments and details about his life. 

The plant from the funeral made it and seems to be doing ok. It drooped a couple days then perked up. I also put up the travel pictures in the hallway. 
It's one week. I have filled the calendar for next weeks activities. Follow along. I'm making a new life with new people in a new area. So far so good. 


Gail Houle said...

So glad to see you so happy Dee. I know that Florida weather will warm your bones :) Enjoy your new life and all your new friends.

Nancy and Bill said...

So happy for you...know how you LOVE Florida and the warmer weather. We wish you the very best!!!

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