Friday, September 6, 2019

Midwest Travel Day 11 - A Whole 76 Miles

Troy, MO  (Hi  88   Lo  68) 

It's fun being up in this area again with the cooler mornings and cooler then Florida afternoons. We'd love to go back and forth between Florida and Illinois, but that's not going to be feasible. Just too much worry about the place in Florida. I have no idea how people leave for six months at a time.

We left our son's at 9:00 and went to IHOP for breakfast. We headed to my sister, Doris which is only 76 miles away straight thru downtown St. Louis. We were late enough to miss the morning rush hour.  We arrived at 12:30 and her dog greeted us. Carley loves Jim, she has a fit if you even mention his name so we planned to meet outside. She ran all around him and Jim did some tummy rubs. She's one excited pup when he plays with her.

We left early afternoon to go to Bland, MO to Herm's cousin's restaurant, Rustic Garden. The guy that owns it is only open on the weekends. He makes up  his own menu and food. It's really good and he has some good tasting desserts. It's 2 hours from my sisters place so four hours there and back. We came home and watched the Cardinals baseball game. We're here a few days with some things planned so stay tuned.

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