Friday, September 13, 2019

Famous Family Seafood Dinner

Harlowe, NC (Hi 90  Lo 75)

The whole household got up late this morning. After breakfast we just visited and sat around till later in the afternoon. Jim and I went out to get a sandwich and salad for lunch and did some shopping for the great seafood dinner later in the evening.

Sharon and Robin can make the biggest dinners, they learned from their mom. The extended family are fishermen and bring in shrimp and fish or scallops. We also had corn fritters and baked potatoes.
What a feast. (Click on the photos to enlarge).

Sharon, Robin, Jim

Mahi Mahi, flounder, scallops

Shrimp, other fixin's and yumyum sauce.

After dinner it's time to chill out. Jimmie, Sharon, Robin

Jimmie took out the "what is the side effects of this drug list" in the prescription bag.  Scary it's that bad and you're consuming it.

Not sure what we'll do tomorrow but planning on some sightseeing, IF no rain. See ya tomorrow.

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