Friday, June 14, 2019

Hurricane Preparedness - More Doctor Appointments - Sheriff Class

Auburndale, FL (H 85  L  75)                       CHAT ROOM 8:30pm EST

All week we've been collecting things for hurricanes. We had a "Connections Meeting" at hospice once a month and the topic this month was what to pack. There's even a battery pack with D batteries and paperclips to have ready to charge your phones. We ordered this little lamp that has five brightness levels that will be real handy it's a hurricane lamp without a flame. It's quite bright and you can hang it upside down to shine up a whole room. In our case, it's two rooms. (Click on the photos to enlarge).

I'm getting all the health lab reports back from the lab this week and all is well.  I'm very low in B12 so taking a vitamin once a day, but no changes for the other pills and doing fine. I don't go back for another year for all the labs and in six months for the A1C count. My eyes are perfect with no changes. That's great news. Still have a couple more appointments to go to finish out all the health stuff.  I ended the week with my monthly massage and chiropractor appointment, so all set.

We have some new ducks that have come to visit this week. They're black bellied whistling ducks. Not sure if they whistle, been quiet so far.

It's been raining every day and it's fun to watch the sheets of rain come across the lake.

Ducks were asleep  all over the yard when the rain comes, they all stand up and FACE the rain. They never move, just stand in one spot till the rain subsides. We love our view of the canal and all the ducks, birds, alligators, and turtles. Our alligator was around most of the week.

Thursday night we went to an assailant class at the sheriff's center. There were close to 100 people. The two officers told us what to do if a shooter came to a public place, school, college or church. We have to be prepared either with or without a concealed carry weapon. It was quite interesting and well worth the time. The stats were scary. It can happen anytime anywhere, are you prepared?

I've been doing a lot of crocheting and one thing that caught my eye was earphone pouches. So I made a few. Front and back

One for Halloween.

We went to Olive Garden for father's day.  They have a new dish for those that don't want to eat pasta. It's super good, has zucchini pasta (Zoodles), red peppers, mushrooms, broccoli,  shrimp or chicken, in a garlic basal sauce. That's now a go to place since Jim likes his pasta and I'm trying to stay away from it. (No carbs)  When I first get something from a restaurant I only eat half of it and bring the rest home. Helps to keep from getting "full".

See you next week.


Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Always wise to be ready for whatever comes up. It could mean saving yourself or even a total stranger.
Nice watching the birds even in the rain.
We would definitely be taking half of those meals home as well.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

PoL said...
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Mark from Missouri said...


I've got that exact same lantern! Love it. It's even nice to have with the RV for example the other night the bugs were bad so I turned out the awning light and placed the lantern on a table further away to light up the place for the return trip back to the camper. We grab the lantern and our weather radio when heading for shelter during a storm as well.

Phyllis said...

After the church shooting in Texas our Sheriffs Dept held a seminar at a large local church. More than 1,100 attendees, Len included. They said something I had not thought of. With an active shooter must people who crotch down or try to run. He said the best thing (especially in a church) is for everybody to throw something (Purse, hymnal, Bible, whatever) at the shooter. He/She would be ducking and weaving to avoid being hit allowing others of subdue the shooter.

Len usually always open carries. Quite common here in Alabama.

Now.... you know where you can go when a severe hurricane is expected. You have a lot more warning than we do here in Tornado alley.