Saturday, June 29, 2019

Flea Market - Dentist - and More

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Saturday, it was hot and humid but I wanted to pick up some veggies at the flea market. It's been awhile since I've done that and it was packed with people. I had another gal with me and we had a car load of stuff. It's great having fresh veggies and fruits. Now to eat it before it goes bad. I'm hoping to go every couple weeks. The rest of the flea market has vendors but it was too hot to walk around and I didn't need anything. We had some shrimp in the freezer that needed to be cooked up. It can't get too old so, Jim did all the cleaning and we made a batch of two and half pounds of shrimp from North Carolina. Jim's family are shrimpers so it was fresh out of the ocean at the time of packing.

Tuesday we wanted to see Toy Story 4, but no seats. There was a lot of cars in the parking lot so we knew there were a lot of people just never figured it was  full for two time slots. We'll go another time. While we were out we picked up some food products at the bulk store and ordered our kitchen flooring. We don't like the porcelain flooring we put down, so we're going with the new cork and vinyl pieces that fits together. It will be here end of July. The porcelain isn't for mobile homes there's too much flexing in the flooring and it's really hard to clean.

Wednesday, I went to the torture chamber for a root canal. I haven't had one in quite awhile and either forgot the pain or this one was worse then it's ever been. I had two shots one in the roof of the mouth and one in the back of the mouth. The whole rest of the day it was really hurting, thanks to Iboprofen.  I slept through the night and the next day it didn't hurt except when trying to eat, but it wasn't bad. I'm hoping it doesn't act up. I don't get a crown fitting till the 8th and another week to wait to have it put in. I looked up on  on how a root canal is done. I sure wouldn't be able to do it. I couldn't see where the root is and how they find it.

I made some cute crocheted flip flop earrings and dolphins this week.

My sis is arriving tomorrow, so next weeks blog will be a big one with all kinds of activities.

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