Saturday, March 30, 2019

Basketball - Anniversary - Volunteer

Auburndale, FL  (Hi   82  Lo 61)

MARCH MADNESS!  It's all about basketball this week. We watched as many games as we could on the opening day then followed some of the bigger teams the rest of the week. We gave up two of the Lakeland games to stay in front of the TV.  There's a lot of games and it's interfering with a lot of activities of the community so we're not getting season tickets to the Lakeland G-League next year in Lakeland. (CLICK ON PICTURES TO ENLARGE).

Thursday was our 49th anniversary.

 We went to Patrick AFB, on the east coast near Cape Canaveral for  two days and one night. We stayed in lodging near the ocean. We were stationed at Patrick in 1974 to 1978. It was our favorite of all the bases. It was good to get back but so many changes we didn't recognize anything except the building where Jim worked.

We had a suite with couch, chair, desk, full refrigerator, coffee stand, microwave,  full bath, king size bed, TV, sink in both bedroom and living room, and big dresser.

I wanted to pick up shells on the beach but there just wasn't much except pieces of broken shells. There were also a lot of bottle caps. There was also a big tree stump that would appear and disappear with the tide coming in. I'd hate to be walking in the water and hit it when the water was high.

Toe and body stopper

We ate at Gregory's on Cocoa Beach. It was so good but I forgot to take pictures. I was more interested in eating. Jim had a steak that looked like a baseball and I had salmon which was really tender with a great tasting sauce.

We got back to the base in time for the sunset. I kept taking pictures as the sun went down so if you're interested this is the views.  This is my favorite. This is facing the Banana River

Behind the sunset and toward the ocean. They have a great race track on base.

Sun has dropped it was still pretty.

I also got the unicorns done this week.  Momma, baby and eggshell for the little one. They're so cute.

Now to something serious. For a very long time I wanted to give my time to volunteer but wasn't real sure doing what. It was suggested to work at hospice. I did all the testing, the background check, the classes and have worked two days. I'm really enjoying it. It seems everyone shuns the topic of death. We will all go at some point, why not prepare for it like we do other things. I learned so much about what hospice is all about, that they come to the house or you can go to the "hospice house" for care. I work as greeter. Taking family members to the loved ones room, or show them the area. I also have a basket of goodies to help those in the room that don't want to leave their loved ones. Sometimes they just need a snack to get them to another meal time. We give them any help they need. I'm so glad I was led in that direction. The thing that hospice needs the most is to have pre-funeral arrangements. Make plans before your loved one is taken to hospice. Make plans for those left behind so they don't have to guess on what you want done. Pay in advance if it's possible, it helps the family.  There's three sentences that are very important for those passing on.
You will have no more pain.
You're never be alone.
Those at home will be fine.
If you need respite, please call hospice, they will have a volunteer or someone that will sit with a loved one while caregiver gets a break up to five days.
If you feel you should give to a charity, hospice foundation would appreciate it. All  patients pay nothing.

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