Saturday, August 19, 2017


Auburndale, FL   Hi 95  Lo 77

It's been a quiet week. I haven't moved much from the chair working on crocheting. It's too hot and humid to get outside.

We decided to go to IKEA this week. Jim wanted a desk and we found one along with a comfortable chair. That place is awesome. It's well laid out and even picking up what you want is easy. Everything is marked well. (Click on pictures to enlarge).

Jim took the whole next day putting together the desk and chair. It sure looks nice in the corner.

While Jim was working on the desk, I decided to reorganize my craft cabinet.

I labeled all the plastic boxes so I could find the craft I need.

It's been very hot and humid which bothers my breathing so I'm crocheting for the craft bazaar that's coming up in October. I have a good start, but still need to get a few more items made. Here's the angels and sloths.

We've had some gorgeous sunsets. Photos never do them justice but I'll end today's blog with the best.

Next blog will be the eclipse.


Mister ed said...

A little while back in your July 29 blog you had a picture of a blue experimental ultralight ski plane
I thought you might find this interesting however you may have to cut and paste
To open

Phyllis said...

Oh yes, the south definitely has the humidity. Exhausts me too.