Saturday, June 17, 2017

Yard Entertainment - Appointment Week - Movie

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It's been a quiet week but there's always excitement if you look for it. I was watching out the window for the alligator that people have said is up at our end of the lake. I noticed two birds protecting their little one from something in the grass. I wasn't sure what it was but the birds were puffing up their feathers and making all kinds of sounds.  Jim went out to investigate.  (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

This is no tiny snake. It's a Cotton Mouth Water Moccasin poisonous snake

Jim went for a broom the only thing we have (that will soon change) to get the snake back into the canal. It started for the house, he tackled it enough to get it going the other direction and back in the canal. When he went to the neighbors it was gone by the time he got back. We're hoping it's not going to end up in the car or on the doorstep at some point.

We had our yearly doctor appointments for this year. Both of us had our eyes checked. Jim is doing well and got a contact for reading for one eye and already has a contact for distance. He's doing quite well with the differences, He's happy not to have to carry readers everywhere he goes. I tried a year to do that with the cataract surgery, but just never could see well. We both have had our physicals and I'm fine and will wait for the blood work for Jim.

We went to see the movie Megan Leavy. She was in the Marines and was a dog handler. She was honored with Purple Heart when her dog and her were in a bomb explosion. The full story here.  It's a great movie and for the family.

It's been raining and storming. We had a flock of birds swoop near our canal and just stood still facing the wind till it died down. It was really neat looking.

My latest crochet project is a few more turtles. I'm working on a full camping scene.

We'll see you next Saturday.


Mark from Missouri said...

Those cotton mouths are known to be aggressive, especially if you jack with them. I've always felt they were willing to come after you rather than just leaving. Personally, I see no use for a poisoness snake and wonder why they are protected by law.

Bob and Jo said...

Thanks, we are always looking for a good family movie

DreamCatcher said...

I see no use for snakes PERIOD! I can't stand them.