Saturday, June 24, 2017

Birthday Party - AC Problem

Auburndale, FL  Hi 91   Lo 74

                                                      CHAT ROOM 8:30 PM  EASTERN TIME

The biggest event this week was a birthday party for me and Linda, a gal in the park. Linda had gone to Europe, so we waited for her to come back before having the party.

It was a wonderful party and I'd like to thank Mary Lou for being the hostess. We heard all about Linda's trip to London, Rome, Switzerland and many other places. I received some great gifts too.

We've been having trouble with the AC working, and luckily we had a scheduled yearly maintenance appointment this week. The guy came out Monday, checked it and said the unit was working fine. We still had problems with heating up in late afternoon so we called again. The AC is only a year old and it stayed cool last summer so we knew something was wrong. Another guy came out Friday and checked and rechecked but he knew something wasn't right because there was very little air coming out of the vents and they were dripping water which meant the humidity wasn't being taken out. He went under the house and found the ducting had totally separated at a Y intersection. He fixed it temporarily and left word at their office to have the installers come back out and reinstall the ducting. It's been fine and the humidity is out of the house, which makes it nice and cool. It's good they found the problem, it's going to be a long hot summer. Even in a house you have repairs and things go wrong just like the RV.

We're staying in most of the time because of the heat, but we did get a nice big grill so we can do some cooking outside instead of heating up the kitchen. Jim did some searching to find the perfect grill for his steaks.

The rains have let up a bit this week but they'll back next week. We're glad we had no rain or wind from tropical storm Cindy. See you next week.

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