Saturday, June 10, 2017

RVers Visit - Birthday - Rain

Chatroom for anyone.

Auburndale, FL  Hi 87  Lo 72

Our friends, Hank and Selene,  our friends from  North Carolina are fulltime RV'ers and let us know they were an hour north of us this week. We're home most of the time and told them to come on over. They wanted to see our place then we went out to lunch. We had a great visit. We'll see them again this winter.  (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

Every year I look forward to my birthday. This is year 14 to have my lobster dinner. Last year we found Boston Feast which has a big buffet of seafood. I asked the server if there's a limit on how many  lobsters I can eat and she said no. There's a guy that comes in about every three months and eats 100 lobsters. I ate three lobsters and at least six crab legs. The seafood comes from Nova Scotia.  They also had octopus salad which was very good. Needless to say I was quite full when I left.

Octopus salad with shrimp

I should have just taken the whole thing.

I love crab legs almost just as much.

In February and March I got caught up with  the Animal Adventure Park in NY with a giraffe having a baby. In April, the giraffe named April had her baby. They still have the cam up and I watch them on Friday thru Sunday evenings along with thousands of other people  The little one grows up so  fast in a week. Taj is the baby's name and plays with mom's tail, or romps around the room. It's so cute. Jim bought me this T-shirt.

It reads, I suffer from OGD,  (Obsessive Giraffe Disorder).  Yep, very true.

The other thing I really wanted was a wine cooler. I collected wine from all over the country while in the RV and I hate taking room in the refrigerator for wine. Now I have a cold bottle any time.

It's been a great week and a great birthday. We've had rain every day since June 1, and we're getting slowly out of the drought in this area. The little turtles are in the canal beside us which will at some point bring in the alligator from the other side of the lake. I'm watching closely. I hope to get a picture when I see it.

This is the canal and sunset this week.


Mark from Missouri said...

Happy Birthday Dee!

Bob and Jo said...

We have been in places that didn't have reliable internet for the last couple weeks so just now catching up on your blog. Happy belated birthday, always look forward to your lobster report.