Saturday, June 3, 2017

Memorial Day - ID Card - Lapghans

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Auburndale, FL   Hi 85 Lo 72 -  It's summer, it's hot and humid and the afternoon rains have begun.  Life in Florida in the summer time.

The first day back from Illinois was all the normal to do list of laundry, putting everything away, checking around the house to be sure there was no storm damage etc.  All was fine and we settled into the normal clubhouse event routine. Tuesday is shuffleboard, Wednesday morning is the meeting for the week. It doesn't change and there's only about 100 people or less that are still in the park, but the coffee and donuts are great and so is the friend chat time. Wednesday afternoon is hand and foot card game for the women. Thursday is crafts at 1:00pm. We're making mats for the military overseas and that will be ongoing for awhile. Friday morning is shuffleboard again. It's all the things to do but sometimes we have other plans or appointments. We'll throw in a movie once in awhile.

Memorial day we had a get together in the clubhouse.  (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

The table with pictures of service from the residents.

The dessert is always popular.

Ham and chicken sandwiches, baked beans and potato chips.

The kitchen help.

Overall view of the party.

We're not allowed to have balloons go into the air, so we used bubbles to remember those that lost their lives in war. The residents blew bubbles to the playing of taps.

It was touching and we're glad to be a part of the Memorial.

The craft club has been working on military mats made of grocery bags since October,  but also a few have made lap afghans for the wheelchair patients at the VA hospital.

This is double sided, showing both sides.

Same with this one, double sided.

Gail showing her lap afghan.

My military ID expired this week so we went to MacDill AFB to get a new one. Our appointment was at 2:00 but we dropped off the afghans at the VA hospital, then went to the BX for lunch. Some players from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team were there to  sign autographs . This guy was going thru the lunch area.

I'm back to crocheting and I did get a Pansy done. Another flower for the craft bazaar.

On the way home we got into a rain storm on highway I-4. We didn't drive over 45 mph, took us awhile to get home. We have a busy week ahead of us. See you next Saturday.

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