Saturday, April 15, 2017

Windows - Sold Truck - Movie

Auburndale, FL  (Hi 84 Lo 62) This week was exciting and so many good things happening. It's already been getting hot and we had planned on getting new Energy windows installed so we called our handyman and he came out  to install our windows. He replaced some bad wood in the frame of one window and got all six installed with no more problems.  (Click on pictures to enlarge).

The before, notice the shutter

I painted all 10 shutters. Yep, my shoulders were sore for a couple days.

New windows with painted shutters

Final view of the back of the house looking from the lake.

Our first view of the house a year ago.

The front is now done.  It looks great.  We want to repaint the carport at some point.

It's all coming together.

We went to St. Petersburg for an appointment and while there we called an RV'er friend to go to lunch. Anna did join us so we had a great visit with her while in the area.

Anna and Dee

The best thing that happened this week we sold the truck. Jim put the ad on Craigslist on Sunday. We had a couple calls but they didn't pan out. We got a call Tuesday and the guy came from Ocala to pick it up on Wednesday. We had seven calls altogether, so we were pleased with the response. Diesel trucks are a popular item.  No more stress on paying insurance and taxes on the RV and truck. We're doing all our travels like we use to, by car and motels. We'll still do some traveling especially to the kids, but we have cruising in mind, and a few places we'd still like to see and now and then with friends in Canada we may go see.  So many of our rv'ing friends have bought places we may start visiting.

We normally see movies in the winter, but there wasn't many we wanted to see. There's a few coming out this summer that's interesting. We went to Going in Style on Friday. It was really good and we both give it a thumbs up.

Along with millions of other viewers, I've been watching April the giraffe in NY. It's been eight weeks waiting for the baby to be born. This morning at 9:45 she gave birth. What a great way to see nature in action in the animal world. Within an hour the baby was up on his feet. A couple side steps and falling a couple times it was nursing in an hour.

We spent last weekend with my sister and her hubby. There's an indoor flea market in Sebring that's not quite like your normal flea market. Lots of antiques, paintings, and different types of "stuff". We had a good time with them. They're leaving Florida today going back to Missouri till next fall.  Sis will come back in July, hopefully and we'll be getting into some painting. It's too hot to anything outside so it's an inside project.

I'm still crocheting. I'll have the finished project that's taking a week to crochet on next weeks blog.


Phyllis said...

Those painted shutters make a world of difference.

We have RV sites on our property in Alabama for visitors. But since you no longer have the RV, keep in mind we have a guest room PLUS our 43 ft Open Range Fifthwheel for guests. If you ever travel I-65 between Birmingham and Huntsville, AL we are less than 8 miles off the Interstate in Cullman.

Laurel Owen said...

So glad for you that the truck sold. What a relief I'm sure. Shutters look nice!

Bob and Jo said...

Sold the truck, so I guess you are serious about the house 😅

Lorne Green said...

The house looks really good. Things are coming together nicely