Saturday, April 1, 2017

Friends from Avon Park - Anniversary - RV SOLD

Auburndale, FL  (Hi 82 Lo 70)   Reminder to check into the chat   any night at 8:30 EST.  It's family time with RV'ers or just to chat.

We try to stay busy and this week is no exception. Tuesday, we had friends come for lunch and some card playing from Avon park. We stayed six winters in the park. We had a wonderful time and had lots of laughs. It was our 47th anniversary and there's no better way to spend it then with friends. Thank you for coming up, we'll do it again next year. (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

Sandy, Harry, Doris, Jessica, Dick, Bill

We went to one of our favorite places to eat, Manny's Chop House,  for our anniversary on Wednesday night. Snowbirds are starting to leave, but it's still a long wait at restaurants around the area. We were part of that crowd for seven years, but that's ok we understand now why the locals like seeing some relief in the summer.

Thursday we went to Quality Ridge where our RV has been sitting for a year. It was time to do what we could to sell it. It finally happened, so we went to get the tags and transfer papers done. We weren't there very long and it's all done. The truck came back with us and is in the carport till we sell it. There's sun damage on the clear coat on the fenders but we'll sell anyway. The only decision we have,  do we sell with the hitch or sell the hitch separate.

Clear coat coming off the fenders.

We've been in our house for one year. We've made many changes and more to come in the next year. It's great being by the lake and now that we've been here a year we're getting use to the area. We still can take trips with the car and get out every once in awhile. It's another chapter in our lives.

My latest critter, the crab.

Spring is in the air, even for Florida. These are our neighbors flowers.


See you next week.


Unknown said...

Glad you finally sold your RV! Ours sold last week. We've been talking about the same thing - whether to sell the hitch separately from the truck. We're headed north to settle in MN next week and will sell our truck once we get up there. Full-timed for 7 years and made amazing memories, but it's time for a change.

Mark from Missouri said...

Congratulations on selling your fifth wheel! It was nice to follow you blog when you were on the road and the past year to see how you guys handled the transition coming off the road.

Phyllis said...

Great! RV GONE! What a relief to you I am sure. Always something to do when being a house-owner, right?

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Hi Dee and Jim,
When my friends at church hung up their Full Time keys, I sold their fifth-wheel trailer for them. Then I sold their Reese Kwik Slide hitch without the rails, and then I sold their king pin stabilizer tripod. I think that things sell better separately. Next, I expect I will be selling their truck, with the rails as an optional extra. I think you could list your truck with the hitch as an optional extra. Craigslist seems to work well.
Happy Days, Penny