Saturday, February 25, 2017

Yard Makeover - Visits - Birthday Party - Jim's New Job

Auburndale, FL    (Hi  83  Lo 67) - I love Florida in the winter time and this year has been nicer then some we've spent here. Winter is the time to do outside makeovers and that's what we accomplished this week. We called Tropical Temptations to take out the plants and put in river rocks in the gardens around the house.  (Click on pictures to enlarge).

The view of the front of house before the makeover.

The plants are blooming. I thought they were dead. I found out the flowers come out in the spring. It just looks bad and I'm not good with plants. We have something else in mind.

The old ground cover had deteriorated and looked like spider webs. The guys kept getting tangled up in it. 

This little one watched almost the whole time. I guess he was the inspector.

My sister and hubby got us this lighthouse for Christmas. It looks lonely, but it will have several items to keep it company before long.

The small garden on the side of our porch was all weeds. It's all cleaned out and now has gravel too.

Jim started a new part-time job parking cars at the Detroit Tigers Spring Training games in Lakeland, They completely renovated their stadium over the winter and he was invited to a special tour a week before the games started. I got to go along.

Joker Marchant Stadium in Tigertown, Lakeland. Spring home of the Detroit Tigers.

Our friends Les and Delores came for a visit this past week. We've known them from when we lived in Illinois many years ago. They've since moved to The Villages, a little over an hour away. It's great having them nearby. Thank you Les and Delores for coming over. It was great getting together.

Donna, a friend in the park, has a birthday this weekend so we celebrated a little early with a party. It was a surprise and we pulled it off perfectly.

A toast was in order to another great year.

Ok ok, I get it!  Just some fun stuff with us ole' ladies.

It's been another great week and I had time to get a couple critters made.
A squirrel with a wheelbarrow of veggies and a pink pig that was requested.

I saw a Wood Stork in the back yard. I had to get the picture through the screen so I wouldn't scare it away. They're a threatened species, so it was nice to see one.

This is it for this week. See you next Saturday.


Bob and Jo said...

Jim and baseball and they pay him, WOW

Tom and Deb Duchaine said...

My husband is jealous, we are from Michigan and he follows the Tigers.
The little critters you make are so so darn cute. I crochet but I am not sure I would have the patients to work on something that tiny.