Saturday, February 4, 2017

Joshua Bell - Avon Park -

(Auburndale, FL) Hi 79  Lo 51 --  The weather couldn't be more perfect. We've even been able to sit out in the Florida room without cooking or freezing. I wish it was this way year round, but it's close.

We've had another busy week. Jim went to Tampa to see Joshua Bell (Click to see details)  in concert.
Jim's post on Facebook
Last night I went to see a recital by Joshua Bell, one of the world's greatest classical violinists. After the concert he was kind enough to come to the lobby to sign autographs. In the picture below, notice the case on the floor behind him? That contains his $15 million Stradivarius violin. I don't know which one I was more excited to see, him or the violin case. (The concert was wonderful, by the way.)

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Monday we went to Avon park to our RV park that we stayed in for six years. We wanted to play cards with them like we did while we were staying there during the winter. They planned a dinner at Jacaranda, our favorite buffet restaurant. There were 15 of us.  We got back to the park a little earlier so we started playing cards. We had some good laughs and a wonderful time.

A beautiful sunset at Adelaide Shores RV park.

Tuesday we had movie night at the clubhouse. The movie Florence Foster Jenkins. What a great movie!  Meryl Streep was the main actress and did a great job as always. It's great seeing movies at the clubhouse.

The rest of the week was normal morning meeting and playing cards on Wednesday. Thursday I finally got my haircut and had our craft time. We're making crocheted grocery bag mats for the military and we have seven small and 5 big ones.

Dee Marks has made a full size mat.

We'll continue to make mats as long as we have those willing to make them.

We had visitors on Friday from Avon park. Barb and Dick came for the afternoon. She's my sidekick in crocheting and showed me a couple new afghan stitches she's learned and I showed her my new critters. We try to get together frequently to share our new creations. It was great to see them.

It's now February and we'll have a busy month. See you next Saturday.


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Laurel Owen said...

That's great that you have started up a new chat room. Since we're in Pacific time I am usually getting dinner started, so before I know it, it's too late to get on! I will try!

Jim and Judy said...

Great pic of the Avon Park card gang. Maybe we will get the chance to visit y'all one day.

Speedy said...

I am going to try and get on tonight. Thanks for letting me know.