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Nassau and Cozumel Cruise for Day 3 and 4

Our cruise to the Bahamas and Nassau continues. The first two days can be found here.

Day 3 at Sea

It was a better night. We had no AC for the past couple of nights so we left the balcony door open and listened to the ocean waves. We both slept very well.  We called our steward this morning to find out why the AC wasn't working. The balcony door has to be shut tight and locked. Sure enough, it came on right away and we were cool the rest of the week. We also didn't have a working toilet most of the time, or it would flush a couple minutes later after pressing the button. We found out later in the day, someone put something in the toilet that wasn't flush able and stopped up things on the lower floor. That causes problems all the way to our 12th deck. They kept announcing don't put anything in the toilet without eating it first. 

There's a list of things to do every day in the daily Compass. I spent a lot of my time at the Flow Rider.  (Click on the pictures to enlarge). 

There is skiing and boarding. It was so much fun watching from day one to the end of the cruise on how much people learned and how fast they stood up. There were a lot of people participating and watching. 

Another popular activity was rock climbing.

When we're at sea most of the people go to the pool.

Another place to sit and watch is deck 14. It's in a bar area that over looks the pool area.

The bar area on pool deck.

There's a big screen that has video of what's going on by the pool. They also show movies. One of the activities today was belly flop in the pool.  One guy did such a great job the pool water splashed out three times and it was caught on the big screen.

Lots of people play miniature golf.

We love our balcony area.  Nothing around but a cargo ship once in awhile. We had smooth seas all week.

 The afternoon event was ice dancing spectacular. It was a small rink, but the skaters did well on it.

Before dinner we went to our favorite bar for the daily drink.

Just to show you the deck 12 layout to the rest of the ship.

After dinner and a dance routine for the show, which we could have skipped, they had the Love and Marriage Game Show. A couple had married just an hour or two before the show and she was still in her wedding dress. Another couple was picked out that had been married 11 years and the highlight of the night was a couple married for 70 years. They got all the answers right and the option on some of the questions was for now or earlier in life. They not only got the answers, they gave the same story to every question. They were the high light of the entire ship. They had a lot of attention, what a wonderful couple. That gave us hope for the future. They were in their 90's.

Married a couple hours, 11 yrs and 70 years.

It was late when we left the stage area. It takes awhile to get the elevator to the top floor from deck 3. We get to meet a lot of people that way too.

When we got to the room. Our bed had a new animal and the next days Compass.

It's always a relaxing day and surprisingly on this ship there's no waiting in lines. We did the main restaurant for breakfast and dinner today. Great food.

Day 4 Cozumel 

We arrived in port at 8am. We've been here before so we didn't have anything planned except walking along the shopping area. My sister wanted a poncho and I needed to replace a shirt so we had a reason to get off the ship and look around. 

We took our time with breakfast, met a couple people that travel back to back cruises. There's several on board that did that this week. The cruise leaving port was a nine day one to Western Caribbean so they would be on the ship 15 days altogether. 

There were little boats to take cruisers out in the water if you wanted to. Some were an excursions to other parts of the island or to the beaches. 

There's shops all along the waters edge.  The pier to the shopping area. 

Resting places along the road.

We didn't stay long. We did find a poncho. The stores don't sell those like they did years ago. This one is nice and heavy.

There were a few things we wanted to do on the ship when people are gone.  I sat on the deck by the pool watching people for several hours.

The water is so pretty.

Sitting by the pool is so much better with more room while people are shopping.

I played shuffle board awhile with a fellow park friend. The pucks went to the left a lot and very hard to push, so we didn't stay long.

From the boardwalk I took a picture of the location of our room.

When you're retired you have to think about what day it is. on the ship it's even worse. When you get into an elevator you know the day. Someone changes every elevator with a mat that tells the day.

When we went for a drink, I wanted to have wine instead of hard drink. Jim went to another place for his bourbon and I went to the wine bar. Only one guy in there and we struck up a conversation. He was half lit but a really nice guy. Jim came in and the look on the guys face was priceless. We all talked awhile and I was going to get a bottle of the wine I was drinking but he said he had a coupon for discount and he bought it for me.  That was unexpected and it was quite nice. Just never know when you have a surprise come your way.  His name was Jim too.

Our dinner had all the servers line up. They lined up along the stairway so we could see how many there were, 175 servers between all 3 decks of the main dining area.

Orlando was our server

There was no show tonight but was showing the movie Sully. That's the first time we've heard of having a movie instead of a show of some sort. I hope that's not a sign of the future, no shows on the ships. We decided to listen to the band that plays on board. They were doing a concert for big band sounds.  It was about 45 minutes of music then we left to go to our room.

We were on our way to the room but really too early to go to bed. They were having 70's music on the promenade deck. I'm so glad we stayed, it was so fun!

The guy in the yellow vest is the activities director. He's so outgoing and perfect for the job.

Our towel figure was a swan.

No matter what time you leave the room when you come back everything is in order. Beds are made when you go back after eating and it's never the same time each day. If you decide to leave and go for a swim or off the ship, when you come back everything is in order and made up. I want that at home.

Did you know Cozumel is still cleaning up from the hurricanes?

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