Monday, January 23, 2017

Nassau and Cozumel Cruise Day 5 and Disembarking

The cruise to Nassau and Cozumel from the beginning can be found here. (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

Cruise Day 5

Today was at sea coming back from Cozumel to Miami. We've had great weather and very smooth seas. There's so much to do on a ship when everyone is on board. This ship has 3800 plus guests, that's not including the crew. We had no problems getting food and not waiting in lines at the buffet. We like this size ship and will do it again.

The morning view when we got up and had breakfast was the coastline of Cuba. Someday we may do a cruise to Cuba.

We met some great people this week at breakfast. There's more then one couple that are going back to back from this cruise to another one. One woman has traveled the world by bus and cruising with a scooter. She was very knowledgeable on places to go and what to do. We loved hearing all the stories from one cruise to another. The people that were leaving this one goes off the ship then right back on for another nine days to Western Caribbean.

We passed a big group of people dancing the zumba. They did it for at least an hour or more.

There was also a sale on t-shirts two for $20. Lots of people took part in the sale. We both got a Royal Caribbean T-shirt that had the emblem on the front and big emblem on the back with all their Royal Caribbean ships names.

We have been to a couple classes on meditation in the chapel. The cruise director was teaching it. It's all in the breathing.  It was learning how to relax and clearing the mind. The chapel is at the very top of the ship, deck 15.

Jim wanted to have a hamburger at a specialty restaurant. Johnny Rockets is a chain. I had tuna. They give you all you can eat for one price.

I sat by the pool most of the afternoon. It was crowded but I found a nice spot in front of the bar. Before we went to dinner Jim wanted to find the front of the ship where you can stand like DiCaprio did in the movie Titanic. We had to ask a worker how to find it.

"King of the world!"

After dinner we went to the Farewell show. The comedian was Rodney Johnson. They also had the servers, chefs and entertainment people on stage to say farewell and to say thank you to everyone.

From our 12th deck looking down to the 3rd deck.

Many people seemed depressed, we're all feeling the sadness of having a cruise coming to an end. I've experienced it before. It's great to eat when you want and not have to prepare it. There's no cleaning up to do.  There's a great nursery and a deck for the teens to always have something to do. There's activities for every age like the sports deck for basketball, soccer etc.

Disembarking on Day 6

We set our phones and morning call to wake us at 6:30. Neither of us could sleep so we were up about 5:30. The night view coming into the port of Miami was beautiful and we sat on the balcony to watch the docking. The sunrise was breathtaking. 

We had breakfast in the main dining room then made our way to the area where we picked up our luggage. It was like clockwork and we didn't have to wait very long. We were given a tag and number for pickup.

We found our park travel director and he pointed us to our bus. It was a smooth trip home except for a scare that the bus wasn't going to make it. It didn't want to run at the plaza stop and the check engine light came on. It sounded rough, but the driver continued on and we made it back by 2:30.

I can't wait till the next cruise.


Laurel Owen said...

I remember being sad and melancholy for awhile after my cruise, not to mention 'cruise' legs for a week after! It is quite an experience for sure.

Barbara said...

We cruised on the Allure two years ago. I am surprised at how many of its features have been included on the Navigator. Great fun! Just cruised to Freeport and Nassau with Carnival, but weren't there on the same day as you. Similar thoughts-poverty and crime everywhere one travels. Might have been Hurricane Matthew more recently that they were cleaning up from. Seeing your pictures, we probably took the same tour. Did you have Michael? That would be too funny!

Mark from Missouri said...

Never been on a cruise. Thanks for the details. I enjoyed following your trip.