Friday, September 30, 2016

Nice Quiet Week

(Auburndale, FL) Hi 85  Lo 75 --  We're had hard storms the past few days in the afternoon. It's loud and shakes the windows. That's Florida, but I don't remember the storms being this intense. Once it cools down there's seldom storms in the winter.

It's been a fairly quiet week. I've been going to followup doctors appointments but mainly to check that everything is going well.  I had Lasik eye surgery and now both eyes are set for distance. I'll still wear glasses for reading and computer instead of switching back and forth. I'm told there won't be anymore problems with eyes in seeing, at least cataracts. I'm excited to get that behind me. The knee is doing well. I can almost get up and down from a chair and do steps. It's uncomfortable but no stabbing pain. Dr said it would be a year to get back to normal, it's now 9 months. I had a massage this week and will keep going back to keep the muscles from tightening up. (mainly from crocheting).

The craft bazaar is one month away. It's coming together nicely and we're getting good feedback from those that's done it a few times. The snowbirds are starting to arrive and we're seeing more people at the Wednesday meetings. There's more "to do" lists going up all the time. It's going to be a very active winter.

The only pictures this week is what I've crocheted. There's been lots of activity on the canal and lake but nothing new from what I've already posted.

Palm trees with hammock.

Little reindeer

I'm having so much fun trying to figure out what to make next. I'm getting ready for the Craft Bazzar then will start taking orders for what people would like me to make. It's getting easier.
See you next Friday

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Dizzy-Dick said...

My wife likes to crochet, also. I told her to look at your site and she is saying that it "is really cute". You done good!!