Friday, August 5, 2016

Weekend in Miami - Eyes - Therapy - Olympics

(Auburndale, FL) Hi 88 Lo 80 -- Last Sunday we went to the St. Louis Cardinals vs Miami Marlins baseball game In Miami. We didn't want to drive the four hour trip in one day, so we went to Okeechobee to be with my sister Doris on Saturday.  On Sunday she joined us as we headed to Miami, which was a smooth two-hour trip without a lot of traffic. The Marlins' stadium is another one checked off Jim's list, and it was Doris's first time attending a St. Louis Cardinals road game.

There are several large letters that are from the old (torn down) Miami Orange Bowl stadium.

 It's a beautiful stadium and we had great seats right behind first base, where we could see everything.

The video screen/scoreboard is huge!

Doris, Dee, Jim

The roof was closed and it was very comfortable temperature-wise. When the game was over they opened the roof.

There were a lot more people there to see if Ichiro Suzuki would get his 3,000th major league hit. He was only two away. He came up late in the game as a pinch hitter, but he didn't get a hit.

A foul ball came a few rows in front of us and hit this poor lady's hand. It swelled up and turned black and blue. A medical team was with her in no time to take care of her. They put on an ice pack and she left. The ball came in fast, hit her and went half way down the row.

We parked close to the stadium in some guy's driveway. It was easy to get back out and the guy stopped traffic for us. The traffic was backed up and very heavy and nothing moved. With the help of GPS and the Waze app we found out it was a wreck on a bridge up ahead of us. We took an alternate route on some surface streets to another bridge then to I-95. We saw a lot more of Miami. On our way back to Okeechobee we came to a halt way out in the country with police in the middle of the road directing traffic to another route. We have no idea why, but it was a seven mile detour. We made it to the Tin Fish seafood restaurant in Okeechobee for some dinner just before they closed. It didn't take long to crash when we got back to sis's, we were tired.

Monday we left in time to get to Sebring for my eye appointment. A year and half ago I had cataract surgery and I decided on the "blended" lenses, near sight in left eye and distance in the right. I never did get use to it and have headaches, so I'm thinking of having a free lasik surgery to correct my "near" eye to match the "distance" one. The Dr put in a contact lens in my left eye that I'll wear for two weeks, and if I like how my vision is I can decide to have the lasik done and we'll go from there. The only downside is I'll have to carry reading glasses with me at all times.

Along with the eyes, I've been having trouble with lifting my left arm above my head. An X-ray showed I have spurs, arthritis, and thinning of the tendon so I'm going to Occupational Therapy two or three times a week for a few weeks. It's in Winter Haven about 14 miles from us, so it's two hours out of the day. The goal is more movement, not a "cure". I know now what they mean by Golden Years, it takes gold to stay healthy. :)

We went to a hurricane preparedness meeting in the club house. We both volunteered to be block captains in the park and been assigned sections of the community to find out if people will need medical assistance or any other special needs in case of evacuation. We'll be going door to door to get all the info.

The Craft Bazaar is coming along great. We've sold 20 vendor tables so far and have till November 5. People are excited to have a place to sell things they make. I'm still adding ideas on what to sell.

Hedgehog, I'm making another one in white.


Today we went to see the Jason Bourne movie. It was a good movie wit lots of action and we both liked it, but all the fast camera movements gave me a headache.

Tonight is the opening ceremonies for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

See ya next Friday


smdrm said...

What happened to your pictures? None of them came through.
Best wishes!

Laurel Owen said...

Yeah I can't see your pictures either :( Looks like they didn't load?

Barbara said...

Not sure about them, but all your pictures came through for me.

Laurel Owen said...

Now I see them! Fantastic time you all had.Love the Hedgehog :) Couldn't watch the opening ceremonies, was flying, but on the plane(s) they had the athletes presenting the safety instructions on the TV in the back of the seats. I guess United is a sponsor :)